XyroMovie.avi - Xyro - A 3D Third person shooter, made as a final year project at Qantm College.

My responsibilities mainly concerned all aspects of the menu system. I also contributed to the in game GUI, path-finding, sound and input.

I created the menu system in around a week with layering being the most difficult element to implement. Once layer problems were solved, I was able to create features such as the in-game weapon selection UI. Here the selectable weapons would scroll beneath the GUI frame.

I also implemented a range of sound engines commencing with OpenAL, but eventually settling on FMod due to its simplicity and large variety of supported audio formats.

Basic input system was implemented by hijacking the windows message pump and registering the input keys. I also integrated 'XInput', the basic windows driver for the XBox360 controller.

Additionally, I utilized a 2D path-finding system developed at UNI, modifying it for 3D in Xyro.