Unannounced Title for the PC, PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

When: 2010-2011

Position: Programmer

Company: THQ Studio OZ

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Project Name: Unannounced

Languages: C++

Engine: In-house Engine

Roles and Responsibilities:

Locomotion: Player and AI locomotion systems such as flight, hovering, dashing, jumping, targeted leaps, dodging and turning.

Networking: Bandwidth reduction through the use of both lossy and lossless compression techniques. Networking of different systems such as locomotion and combat moves.

Combat: Variety of different player combat moves.

Systems: Challenge system, an 'Achievement' system that players could strive for while completing a level.

Animation: Bone modifiers such as additive 2D/3D point at IK, spine IK and hip IK used for player locomotion. Helped in the conversion from our standard flat animation list to a true animation tree.