LushGearSwap (LUA - WoW Addon)

This enhanced equipment manager adds a menu to the default Blizzard equipment manager. Features include:

       * An option for viewing your helm and cloak

       * Automatic swapping of gear based on zone or spec changes

       * The ability to deposit or withdraw sets quickly to and from your bank

       * Options to change your title and update your sets quickly

       * Other miscellaneous enhancements

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Change Log

V2.1.1 Fixed Bug: Changed drop down menus to refelect better on the 4.0.0 changes + removed Title option from the 3.3.3 changes.

V2.1.0 Fixed Bug: Bug fixes to get LushGearSwap working with version 4.0.0

V2.0.3 Fixed Bug: Setting a primary and alternate set would not swap when you changed tallent groups (on non english versions of world of warcraft). Fixed Bug: Removed duplicate tooltip 'used in sets' line, bug aroused after blizzard added there own tooltip support.

V2.0.2 Added Functionality: Overloaded API Functions 'RenameEquipmentSet', 'EquipmentSetContainsLockedItems', 'GetEquipmentSetLocations'; This will make sure it will run with other addons that require these functions.

V2.0.1 Fixed Bug: Key binds would not work directly after a log in. they would after a /console reloadui tho... Fixed Bug: Changed the code to be other addon friendly, GetNumEquipmentSets() will now correctly return the correct number of sets.

V2.0.0 Added Feature: CLIENT SETS allowing you to store sets on you local computer, perfect for small sets like 'Birthday suit' or 'Fishing' or for anyone who is a druid Added Feature: KEY BINDINGS bind gear sets to key bindings great for fast set swapping.

V1.7.0 Fixed bug: Quest Log would open up all quests due to the scanning process. now quest log remains untouched. Fixed bug: Buttons Stay highlighted when right clicking a set. Removed Feature: Removed item colors from tool tip when missing items. Blizzard has put there own equivalent code in. Added Feature: Left clicking sets will once again select the set. You do not have to click the set, then click Equip. Why blizzard ? Updated and tested with current release of wow. 3.2.0

V1.5.0 Fixed bug: When depositing sets of gear, gear the player is currently wearing will now be deposited also. Fixed bug: When fury warriors changed spec, due to the Titans grip talent a error would be thrown and the off hand / shield would be incorrectly changed. Now, if you do not have the talent and you have a 2H weapon it will be removed. and the the new set will be applied when the weapon is removed. Added Quest support: Fishing Dailies option will now only equip that set if your in the fishing current fishing daily area with the quest. The Argent Tournament dailies will equip the set when entering the tournament area, but will only equip the set when in the The Court of Bones when the player is on the respective dailies (Battle Before The Citadel or At The Enemy's Gates).

V1.1.0 Fixed bug: Gear will now properly change when entering and leaving areas that have loading screens. teleporting / battlegrounds / Arenas etc. Fixed bug: Zoning Set changes are now loaded on log in. Fixed bug: LushGearSwapOptions TOC Version was incorrect for the current version of wow. Fixed bug: LushGearSwapOptions now correctly load on demand. it was currently being loaded when LushGearSwap was loaded. NOTE: All bugs should now be eradicated

V1.0.6 Fixed bug allowing the mod to work from version 1.0.6, if there was no pre-saved values the mod would throw an error.

V1.0.5 1: Added red highlights to the gear tool tip to indicate what gear you are missing for that set when a player hovers over a set icon. 2: When equipping a set via the Gear Manager dialog, if the set has partial set items, the ignore slot icon reappears over the items in the character screen, this allows fast updating of partial sets. 3: Added the option to Ignore set deposits, disabling menu access to these options and stopping the specified sets being deposited when using the "Deposit all other sets" option.

V1.0.0 Created LushGearSwap + Options Screen Version 1.0.0.