Edge of Twilight - Someome Special.wmv - Edge Of Twilight - is a third person action adventure game in development for the PC, PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Game play is split between combat, puzzle-solving and exploration. These elements are in turn split between the two parallel planes of reality that only the player may traverse; the spiritually influenced, Lithern night realm, and the industrial, Athern dominated, day realm.

When: 2008-2009

Position: Programmer

Company: Fuzzyeyes Studios

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Project Name: Edge of Twilight

Languages: C++, UnrealScript

Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Roles and Responsibilities:

My main responsibility for the first year of the project was to develop the A.I system used in the game. I would be given a 3D Model along with starting animations and I would have to implement phase one from the design documents. During this phase I worked closely with both the designers and animators to create something enjoyable for the game.

During the second year I worked on many different aspects of the game. I implemented new game play mechanics such as player combat, volumes, camera systems and editor tools; I even coded more abstract things such as the new Asus Motion Controller into UnrealEngine3 for our game as a possible bundle deal with Asus.

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