Edge of Twilight (Unreal Engine 3)

Edge of Twilight - Someome Special.wmv - Edge Of Twilight - is a third person action adventure game in development for the PC, PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Game play is split between combat, puzzle-solving and exploration. These elements are in turn split between the two parallel planes of reality that only the player may traverse; the spiritually influenced, Lithern night realm, and the industrial, Athern dominated, day realm.

When: 2008-2009

Position: Programmer

Company: Fuzzyeyes Studios

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Project Name: Edge of Twilight

Languages: C++, UnrealScript

Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Roles and Responsibilities:

My main responsibility for the first year of the project was to develop the A.I system used in the game. I would be given a 3D Model along with starting animations and I would have to implement phase one from the design documents. During this phase I worked closely with both the designers and animators to create something enjoyable for the game.

During the second year I worked on many different aspects of the game. I implemented new game play mechanics such as player combat, volumes, camera systems and editor tools; I even coded more abstract things such as the new Asus Motion Controller into UnrealEngine3 for our game as a possible bundle deal with Asus.

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Unannounced Title (In-house Engine)

Unannounced Title for the PC, PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

When: 2010-2011

Position: Programmer

Company: THQ Studio OZ

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Project Name: Unannounced

Languages: C++

Engine: In-house Engine

Roles and Responsibilities:

Locomotion: Player and AI locomotion systems such as flight, hovering, dashing, jumping, targeted leaps, dodging and turning.

Networking: Bandwidth reduction through the use of both lossy and lossless compression techniques. Networking of different systems such as locomotion and combat moves.

Combat: Variety of different player combat moves.

Systems: Challenge system, an 'Achievement' system that players could strive for while completing a level.

Animation: Bone modifiers such as additive 2D/3D point at IK, spine IK and hip IK used for player locomotion. Helped in the conversion from our standard flat animation list to a true animation tree.

2D Lighting Demo (OpenGL)

2Dlights.avi - 2D dynamic lighting - A 2D dynamic lighting demo written in 2003.

The system is demonstrated by a box figure, who walks by rotating his feet with rotation matrices. The lighting was created by rendering a soft sphere onto the alpha buffer. The shadow volumes were then calculated by finding the outside edges and back faces to convex objects. A polygon is then rendered from those edges to ones formed by scaling out the lines from the light source.

This was a fun experiment of mine which I learned through doing matrix and vector math for the first time.

Joe Coady - Showreel - 2D Lights (2003)

2D RPG Editor (OpenGL)

rpgeditor.avi - World of 2D Craft Editor - A 2D RPG LVL Editor, builds linking nodes, allows snapping, texture map.

This was a personal project I had; I decided to make a 2D RPG Tile editor that you could use to make world for games such as Pokémon. The saved maps could then be used on different devices such as the game boy or even just on the PC platform.

I created this when i started doing some NintendoDS programming; turns out i prefer coding for much larger games.

Joe Coady - Showreel - 2D RPG Editor (2006)

Heightmap editor (DirectX)

HeightMapEdit.avi - 3D terrain deformation editor.

This was created for a uni assessment; we had to create a height-map renderer but due to this being my first DirectX application i decided to do a little more work and do a real time a height-map editor that edits height-map and calculates normals in real time.

Also has the ability to undo unlimited amount of edits; this is where i really begun to hate floating point errors :D.

Joe Coady - Showreel - Heightmap editor (2006)

Octree Demo (DirectX)

Octtree.avi - Octree Demo - Octree demo showing use of an octree on a height-map.

The height-map was generated using my height-map Editor and presents a top down perspective in order to demonstrate frustum culling.

This was an assessment for uni where the objective was to demonstrate applied game mathematics in a DirectX environment.

Xyro (Ogre3D)

XyroMovie.avi - Xyro - A 3D Third person shooter, made as a final year project at Qantm College.

My responsibilities mainly concerned all aspects of the menu system. I also contributed to the in game GUI, path-finding, sound and input.

I created the menu system in around a week with layering being the most difficult element to implement. Once layer problems were solved, I was able to create features such as the in-game weapon selection UI. Here the selectable weapons would scroll beneath the GUI frame.

I also implemented a range of sound engines commencing with OpenAL, but eventually settling on FMod due to its simplicity and large variety of supported audio formats.

Basic input system was implemented by hijacking the windows message pump and registering the input keys. I also integrated 'XInput', the basic windows driver for the XBox360 controller.

Additionally, I utilized a 2D path-finding system developed at UNI, modifying it for 3D in Xyro.

eXeNgNe (OpenGL)

exengne_demo.avi - eXeNgNe - Game framework / renderer written in C++ using OpenGL.

Rippable cloth physics using my verlet physics engine with added octree. This demonstrates dynamically moving objects inside the octree.

Quake3 BSP Renderer using PhysX Physics engine to destroy the world.

View screen shots displaying my bezier patch evaluator: Engine screen shots

Joe Coady - Showreel - 2D Lights (2003)

LushAdvancedLoot LUA - WoW Addon)

Enhanced Loot Frame, Shows how many people select need, greed, pass and disenchant items in the loot window. It also shows the vendor worth of the item.

Download from here: LushAdvancedLoot-V1.0.0.zip

Current Implementations - Version V1.0.0

       * Shows how many people select need, greed, pass and disenchant

          items in the loot window

       * Shows the vendor worth of a loot item in the loot window.

Addon can be downloaded from LushAdvancedLoot@Curse.com

LushBuffs (LUA - WoW Addon)

Buff frame that shows buffs on the player. irrelivent buffs can be filtered out.

Addon can be downloaded from: LushBuffs-Prototype.zip

LushChat (LUA - WoW Addon)

Lush Chat is a MSN Style chat interface for World of Warcraft. It has a windows style task bar and moveable chat windows.

       * Currently in the prototype stage.

Addon can be downloaded from: LushChat-Prototype.zip

LushDKP (LUA - WoW Addon)

Releational database allowing you to edit everything.

LushDKP is a EP/GP DKP System for World of Warcraft. The current version allows

Auto loot entries from when a player loots an item.

Tooltips showing loot that the player has recieved.

Apply EP/GP entries to single people of groups of people, guild, raid etc.

Basic HTML Exporter.

Addon can be downloaded from: LushDKP-V1.0.0.zip

LushGearSwap (LUA - WoW Addon)

This enhanced equipment manager adds a menu to the default Blizzard equipment manager. Features include:

       * An option for viewing your helm and cloak

       * Automatic swapping of gear based on zone or spec changes

       * The ability to deposit or withdraw sets quickly to and from your bank

       * Options to change your title and update your sets quickly

       * Other miscellaneous enhancements

Download @ Curse:


LushJazzrikAware (LUA - WoW Addon)

Sick of farming Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation? Now you can surf the web, watch movies or even level alts on a second account.

Welcome to LushJazzrikAware, a little mod that plays a sound when Jazzrik spawns. This allows you to quickly alt tab back and give him what he deserves: a trinket empowered instant pyroblast! Nameplates are required to detect this spawn. An audible alert will play even if World of Warcraft is minimized or otherwise not currently in focus.

Download from here: LushJazzrikAware-V1.0.1.zip

Good Druid Macro:

#showicon Moonfire

/tar Jazzrik

/cast [nocombat, nostealth, dead] Shadowmeld

/stopmacro [dead]

/stopmacro [noharm]

/cast Nature's Swiftness

/castsequence reset=combat Wrath, Moonfire

/script DBM:CreatePizzaTimer(300, "Jazzrik - Despawn")

Another Good Druid Macro: - Don't leave stealth

#showicon Moonfire

/tar Jazzrik

/cast [nocombat, nostealth, dead] Shadowmeld

/stopmacro [dead]

/stopmacro [noharm]

/script DBM:CreatePizzaTimer(300, "Jazzrik - Despawn")

/cast Nature's Swiftness

/cast Wrath

/cast Shadowmeld

Good Warlock Macro:

#showicon incinerate

/tar Jazzrik

/stopmacro [dead]

/stopmacro [noharm]

/cast incinerate

/script DBM:CreatePizzaTimer(300, "Jazzrik - Despawn")

/script DBM:CreatePizzaTimer(600, "Jazzrik - Respawn")

LushRaidUI (LUA - WoW Addon)


LushTauntMe (LUA - WoW Addon)

Plays a sound when you need to taunt Deathbringer Saurfang in Icecrown citadel.

Download from here: LushTauntMe-V1.0.0.zip