Welcome To Engine Coding

This site was created to display my resume and demonstrate some of my previous work.

Projects I have created or contributed to can be located in the side panes to the left.

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About Me:

At the moment I'm Living in Coffs Harbour on holidays.

Before I moved to Coffs Harbour i was working for THQ on an Unannounced Title.

Previous to that I was employed as a Games Programmer working for Fuzzyeyes. Fuzzyeyes is an Australian based game studio working on the highly anticipated Edge of Twilight; a third person action adventure game for the PS3, XBox360 and PC platforms. My role within this professional team varies in scope dependent on the needs of the project; everything from implementing new game play mechanics and editor tools to modifying the engine itself.

Shortly before my employment at Fuzzyeyes, I studied at Qantm College receiving a 'Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment' with a 'Games Programming' major in 2007.